Test of Mathjax:

\[ \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\]

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 Grav MathJax Plugin is a ready to use plugin. It works out-of-the-box and no further
 configuration is needed.


To produce the formula shown in the above screenshot, create a new Markdown document and copy and paste the code snippet from below. After saving the document and loading the page, you should see something to similar to the rendered output shown in the screenshot 😄.

The code to copy and paste is as follows:

title: Einstein Field Equations

The Einstein field equations (EFE) may be written in the form:

\[ R_{\mu \nu} - {1 \over 2} g_{\mu \nu}\,R + g_{\mu \nu} \Lambda = {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu}\]


Sign convention

The above form of the EFE is the standard established by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler. The authors analyzed all conventions that exist and classified according to the following three signs (S1, S2, S3):

\[ \begin{align} g_{\mu \nu} & = [S1] \times \operatorname{diag}(-1,+1,+1,+1) \\[6pt] {R^\mu}_{\alpha \beta \gamma} & = [S2] \times (\Gamma^\mu_{\alpha \gamma,\beta}-\Gamma^\mu_{\alpha \beta,\gamma}+\Gamma^\mu_{\sigma \beta}\Gamma^\sigma_{\gamma \alpha}-\Gamma^\mu_{\sigma \gamma}\Gamma^\sigma_{\beta \alpha}) \\[6pt] G_{\mu \nu} & = [S3] \times {8 \pi G \over c^4} T_{\mu \nu} \end{align}\]

The third sign above is related to the choice of convention for the Ricci tensor:

\[ R_{\mu \nu}=[S2]\times [S3] \times {R^\alpha}_{\mu\alpha\nu}\]


Config Defaults

The MathJax plugin comes with some sensible default configuration, that are pretty self explanatory:

Global plugin configurations

enabled: true # Set to false to disable this plugin completely active: true # Enable or disable this plugin for a page

built_in_css: true # Use built-in CSS of the plugin built_in_js: true # Use built-in JS of the plugin weight: -5 # Set the weight (order of execution)

Default values for MathJax configuration

delimiters: inline: # Inline delimiters '\(': '\)' # - MathJax/KaTeX '\(': '\)' # - LaTeX

block: # Block delimiters '[': ']' # - MathJax/KaTeX '\($': '\)$' # - LaTeX

CDN: enabled: true # Use MathJax Content Delivery Network (CDN) url: https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/mathjax/2.7.0/MathJax.js?config=TeX-AMS-MML_HTMLorMML

If you need to change any value, then the best process is to copy the mathjax.yaml file into your users/config/plugins/ folder (create it if it doesn't exist), and then modify there. This will override the default settings.

If you want to alter the settings for one or only few pages, you can do so by adding page specific configurations into your page headers, e.g.

mathjax: false

to deactivate MathJax filter just for this page.